Virtual Hunter Lovna Dolina Reserve Rework Is on Its Way

Enjoy the Hunt in Virtual Hunter

We have exciting news, everyone! Virtual Hunter has announced that the Lovna Dolina Reserve Rework of the game is coming soon. Players will finally get to discover this vast and open hunting ground filled with different biomes and grasslands. It will also feature improved landscape and environment details. Additionally, the old map will get replaced by a new one which is over four times bigger.

Virtual Hunter

The development team has been working on this map for a very long time and the results are on its way. And do not worry about the current animals because you will find all of them in their new territories. The team also mentioned that with the next update, the price of the game will also be increasing. The new price will be $19.99 / 19.50€ and it will reflect the game’s current state and content.

Key Features:

– Brand new map to replace the old one
– Over four times bigger (64km2)
– Improved landscape and terrain detail
– Unique locations and points of interest
– Increased vegetation distance
– Improved performance
– And much more

Virtual Hunter is an open-world hunting simulator for virtual reality. You must pack your gear and hunt for species like the majestic red deer, fallow deer, sneaky red fox, and more. Collect and taxidermize your biggest trophies and place them in the lodge. So, are you prepared to head out into the open wilderness for the ultimate hunting experience?