CD Projekt RED Giving More Royalties to Author of The Witcher

I Guess He Did Create The Character, After All

Andrzej Sapkowski has been campaigning for more compensation from CD Projekt RED for years. Ever since he learned what a dumbass he was for selling the rights to his book series, he’s been trying for a larger piece of that Witcher pie. Well, a recent report from a Polish publication suggests that Sapkowski will be getting slightly more royalties for his troubles after all.

Witcher 3 Developer

Let’s be clear: from a legal standpoint, the consensus is that Sapkowski shot himself in the foot from the get-go. He sold the rights for a lump sum, meaning all this talk of royalties is more or less wishful thinking. If this headline is to be believed, however, CD Projekt RED may have changed their tune.

Now, due to the limited information available, I’ve got little in the way concrete facts. The evidence suggests (though can’t presently confirm) that the amount Sapkowski is getting is way lower than what he was shooting for. On the other hand, he was entitled to nothing. So anything above that amount should be considered a win. Hopefully we hear what the actual amount was soon, as I am deadly curious about how generous CD Projekt RED was feeling.