Catherine Full Body Voice Actor Speaks Out About The Ending

Don’t Worry Guys It’s Less Bigoted Now

We’ve been hearing troubling things about Catherine Full Body for a little while now. Someone recently leaked the new ending, and the results were a bit more bigoted than people were comfortable with. Good news! One of the English voice actors spoke out about the game, and it’s not as bad as we feared. The bad news is that this is largely thanks to localization making adjustments.

Catherine: Full Body

Western censorship is a major hot button issue when it comes to video games, but I think in this case it’s kind of a good thing? Erin Fitzgerald, the voice of Erica, stated that “the localization team took the translation very seriously in terms of trying to adjust the bigotry represented in the Japanese version.”

While I’m happy that people are working to make this game less unpleasant, it’s truly unfortunate that steps like this need to be taken at all. On top of that, who the hell knows whether these efforts will actually bear fruit. What if we just get a lobotomized version of the game, one that still clearly bears the scars of its former self? I guess we’ll find out when the game drops this September.