Walmart is Selling some Pretty Sweet Gaming Loot Crates

Sorry, Canada. Whomp-whomp.

Gaming merchandise is often as close as we can get to having real world items from our favourite games. A ton of game publishers, developers, clothing and toy manufacturers have capitalized on this culture of shopping. Some of it is good, a lot is pretty not-good, but recently, Walmart has started partnering with companies like Loot Crate in getting a piece of this pie. Right now, Walmart has about a dozen collectors’ boxes of pop culture memorabilia, including gaming loot crates. The full list can be viewed on their website.

Gaming Loot Crate

From Loot Crate, we have the Retro Arcade Classics, Best of the 80s, Merc with a Mouth, Gaming Treasures, Not of this World, and Space Out boxes. CultureFly is another company that Walmart has partnered with for similar collectors’ items. CultureFly is producing Harry Potter, Fallout, Rick and Morty, PlayStation, and Horror Collectible Boxes. All the different boxes come with various clothing pieces like scarves, hats, as well as statues or replicas of fan favourite items. Unfortunately, these only ship in the United States from Walmart’s site, but on Loot Crate will ship to other countries through their own website. CultureFly however, does not consistently ship outside the US.

CultureFly and Loot Crate are subscription services, meaning that these boxes of goodies are not a one-and-done sale. Subscribers get these crates on a monthly basis, but they lack choice in what they get. That is where the Walmart boxes differ. Fans can get the Merc with a Mouth and Rick and Morty boxes, or any other boxes, without having to buy into the monthly subscription. This opportunity adds the convenience and removes the unwanted merchandise, but again: no deal for Canada.

What do you think of Loot Crate and CultureFly? Would you like to see more of these boxes in-store? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Games Radar