PlayStation 5 + Xbox Series X Restocks Are Here, but Not for Long

Get Em’ While You Can, or Maybe You’ve Already Missed Out

Three months after the launch of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, the next generation consoles are still just as hard to find as they were the day after launch. However, today there have been a number of retailers getting the consoles back in stock.

Earlier today, Amazon got the PlayStation 5 back in stock for a short period of time. While they went expectantly fast, maybe people reported that they managed to get one ordered.

Wario64 is the account you want to keep an eye on as he has been posting all the latest restocks as soon as, or before, they happen.

In addition to Amazon, Bestbuy, GameStop and EBGames have all received restocks of both systems at some point today, with GameStop even offering new bundles, and EBGames restocking their Xbox All-Access Pass offer. While you may have already missed out on some of these deals, Wario64 has reported that Walmart will have a restock available today at 3PM EST, which at the time of writing this, is pretty darn soon.

These restocks may not last long, and they may just be for today, but hopefully this means production is picking up and that the great console shortage of 2020/2021 will soon be offer. Keep an eye out on all of the retailers today and tomorrow just to see if any other restocks go through, and be sure to check out the ones listed above as they may still have their offers available –especially Walmart as it should have restocks available very soon.

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