Twitch Finally Bans Human Garbage Fire MrDeadMoth After His Arrest

For Beating His Pregnant Girlfriend, You See

It wasn’t all that long ago MrDeadMoth was caught on camera abusing his pregnant girlfriend. The extent of the abuse wasn’t clear (unless you watched the clip with the sound on), but the story at the time ended in his arrest. Now, after a brief return, the notorious Fortnite streamer has been properly banned from Twitch.

Luke “MrDeadMoth” Munday was banned when the arrest initially occurred, but then he was seen on Twitch not long afterwards. Thankfully, there was a significant outcry over this, and Twitch finally banned him again. To that end, we’re left with two questions: will the ban stick this time, and will Munday be prosecuted for his actions?

The second question is complicated by the fact that both him and his girlfriend are implicated in abusing one another. Apparently these two have been beating the crap out of each other for years. This latest incident was merely the one caught on a live stream. Forget criminal charges, these two need couples counseling and like, a social worker or something. The same article indicates that Munday was charged over the latest assault incident, though a conviction has yet to occur. Here’s hoping these guys mellow out enough that their kids aren’t permanently scarred.