Check Out This Fabulous GBA Console Mod

Little Games On The Big Screen

The Game Boy Advance was an amazing system, mostly. The original models weren’t back-lit and the screens weren’t exactly enormous, but it was still a terrific system. This GBA console mod looks to fix all that. The GBA Consolizer lets you play Game Boy Advance games on a proper TV, and it’s coming out soon.

GBA Console Mod

The Consolizer is being designed by Stephen Williams. The core of the system is a Field-programmable Gate Array, which is the absolute last word in top-shelf emulation technology. This is tech that recreates signals from old systems at a one-for-one hardware level you can’t really find anywhere else. It’s tech so advanced I barely understand it, though all my modder friends are straight-up obsessed with it.

Installation requires a little soldering, but anyone interested in buying this product probably already owns a soldering kit. The end result is hardware that comes with a controller port and a wireless adapter, as well as settings for optimal visual fidelity. Basically, if you want to dive into Game Boy Advance games at the crispest, this is the hardware mod you want. The Consolizer should be available to order by the end of January. You can keep track of Williams’ progress here.