South Korean Stores Get Swarmed by PlayStation 4 Buyers

Giant Deals Lead to Giant Lines

In a retail twist, Sony has slashed the price of their PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro consoles in South Korea. The new deal has unleashed a flood of new customers in its wake. All across the country, shoppers have assembled en mass, in lines probably not seen since day one of the console’s launch.


Just like everywhere else, the PlayStation 4 launched in Korea in December 2013. Five years later, there’s still a hungry consumer base, and a nation-wide sale has drawn them out of the woodwork. The price of your standard PS4 Pro starts at 498,000 South Korean Won ($444). For the duration of the sale, Sony’s 4K console has been marked down to 348,000 KRW ($311). We see a similar price reduction for the PlayStation 4, cut from 378,000 KRW ($337) to 248,000 KRW ($221). The PSVR, too, has dropped significantly, from 448,000 KRW ($400) to 298,000 KRW ($266).

According to Kotaku East, there are reports of sellouts across the country. A limited number of PlayStation 4 peripherals have been allotted to PlayStation partners, but no matter where you go, shelves and displays are getting stripped clean.

What remains unclear is what sparked this huge market push from PlayStation. Was there an extra abundance of units in Korea? I can’t help but wonder if this is a sure sign that the PS4 is nearing the end of its lifespan. For all we know, Sony wants to get the console in as many hands as possible before unveiling the PS5.

What are your thoughts on Soth Korea’s PlayStation 4 sale? Comment down below.

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SOURCE: Kotaku