PS Plus Subscriptions Are Now a Lot Cheaper Than Usual, Friends

A 25% Price Cut for Free Games and Services

There’s nothing but benefits when players sign up for a PS Plus subscription. I guess you can say, there are a lot of pluses to the service. So instead of listening to lame jokes, we can all take advantage of free games and online gaming at a lower cost. Right now, players can elect 3 months or 12 months of membership at a discount.

PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus, as many already know, offers basic access to online multiplayer titles. You have the usual suspects like COD and Destiny 2, but you never know which new game will wedge players into the service. However, if you play games that don’t require the service (Overwatch, Fortnite, etc.) the subscription still offers amazing value every month.

Every month, PS Plus subscribers get access to free games handpicked by PlayStation. This month, it’s Steep and Portal Knights; last month, it was Darksiders II; next month, who knows? Whatever they are, you can secure your download for the price of $19.99 or $44.99. The cost of a three-month subscription has been decreased from $24.99. An even steeper discount is available for the 12-month membership, which usually costs $59.99. That’s a 25% slash for each trial. Find them right here, at the PlayStation Store.

The offer ends tomorrow, January 24, at 8 AM PT. Also worth nothing, a PlayStation Plus membership often grants better discounts when a digital sale comes along. Remember to check back for when we bring updates on PlayStation Store deals.