Kinda Funny Games Hits Patreon Goal for Second Showcase

The Second Kinda Funny Games Showcase Will Happen During E3

On the fourth anniversary of Kinda Funny, new Patreon goals were revealed, including the hosting of a second Kinda Funny Games Showcase during E3 2019. The $15k goal was quickly surpassed, meaning the presentation will in fact occur this June during the E3 Show.

Sony announced that they would be skipping the conference this year, leaving a space that needed to be filled – especially for third party developers. The first Kinda Funny Games Showcase was held in December, and acted to fill the void of a PlayStation Experience event that usually occurs around that time of year. By stepping in, Kinda Funny has created a new platform for third-party and indie developers to be seen on outside of relying on the big three.

The showcase held in December brought some big announcements including The Messenger Expansion, Boyfriend Dungeon and The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 3. With all eyes on Los Angeles in June, the Kinda Funny Games Showcase could certainly be the presentation to watch.

How do you feel about E3? Is the show still relevant in a modern age where we’re able to access information at all times? When’s the last time you were truly surprised by an E3 reveal?