Amazon Game Studios Gives Details on their Upcoming New World

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The powerhouse Amazon has been growing and expanding steadily since its birth in 1994. Kind of like in Katamari Damacy, it just rolls around and picks up everything it touches. In 2012, Amazon Game Studios released their first game Living Classics, a Facebook game. It has since been developing and releasing mobile games on Android and IOS devices. Very soon, their range of platforms Amazon Games Studios will expand again. This year, they are expected to release The Grand Tour Game on PS4 and Xbox One, and possibly in the near future New World.

New World

This game appears to be an MMO. It has been in development for a few years now with the alpha once available to join. The basis of New World is that the players can form their own society. It will be up to them to lead and develop the action. Digital Trends was in contact with a few of the game’s lead directors and producers on the development of their game. According to the comments they provided, there will  always be a threat or presence of PVP in the game, but there will also be incentive to play cooperatively to build a community.

Exactly what kind of game are we looking at? By definition, New World will be an MMO, but not à la World of Warcraft. Players will be able to band together as an army, town, raiding party, or anything of their choosing, or whatever their situation calls for. Not every player will have to be a combat-focused character. Imagine Skyrim or another RPG, but each NPC is actually another player doing their own thing. Each community might have its own blacksmith or warriors or alchemists, each playing an essential part of their group. That being said, “the spine of the game is player versus player combat. You’ll probably be murdered in New World”, as studio director Patrick Gilmore puts it.

The game may be a long ways away, but as it inches closer, do you see yourself getting on board with New World? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Digital Trends