Far Cry 5’s Hope County has its own Tourism Website

Welcome to Hope County

Do you ever want to leave your everyday stresses for nature? Hope County. Clock out early to experience America’s wildlife? Hope County. Experiment with various weapons of death on the local militia? Hope County. Join a hyper-violent religious drug-cult? I have one answer for you: Hope County. Yes, Far Cry 5’s fictional area in Southwest Montana now has it’s own tourism website. The setting in each of the Far Cry games really comes alive in the gaming experience. Whether the you are fighting back the wildlife or traversing expansive terrain, the landscapes of this series play as much a role in the games as the enemies.

Hope County

When Far Cry 5 was announced to take place in Montana, some people thought that the game’s violent nature would reflect poorly on ‘Merica. The state of Montana went the other way on things. They worked with publisher Ubisoft to create a tourism website for the game’s setting Hope County. The site is very upfront about Hope County being a fiction, but the Southwest Montana’s nature that inspired the game is very real, and they are capitalizing on that. VisitHopeCounty.com advertises activities like fishing, hunting, hiking, etc., and even gives options for lodgings.

The FAQ page is all about the connection to Ubisoft and Far Cry 5. The site boasts Ubisoft’s selection of Montana as the setting for its topography and beautiful locations. It also does not shy away from the violence that takes place in the game at the hands of the player and the Project at Eden’s Gate. The tourism website acts as an advertisement for Far Cry 5 almost as much as for Montana. It’s good to see video games being so welcomed by their real-world locations.

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Source: Cinema Blend