This Anthem Gameplay Is About Story, Progress, and Custom Goodies

The Anthem of Creation is Everything

Detailed to hell and back, any player who plays Anthem will have access to all four of the exo-suits known as Javelins. You start with one and work your way to unlocking the others. Along the golden path, players can customize their suits as they see fit. BioWare’s new video comes with an explanation of progress and unlocks visible throughout the story.


As previously reported, every Javelin can be outfitted with different weapons. The player can unlock an arsenal and customize their Javelins to suit their own playstyle. Every class is unique in and of itself, but the loadouts help finetune the experience. Damage types—explosives, burn, and corrosive strikes—come with the weapons that players loot on the battlefield. Moreover, a class can select a combination of weapons that drastically alterest their role in a team. As exemplified in the new video, a Ranger can select a loadout that delegates them to a support role.

In this case, the battle is against The Dominion and various other factions, and that’s all that was revealed about the story in this segment. Sure, there’s a primary antagonist, but BioWare has yet to reveal if Anthem’s narrative is nothing but a string of cutscenes.

Since enemy types will vary, players must adapt. Additionally, the aesthetic choices are pretty comprehensive. Every player will discover a myriad of exo-skins and paint jobs as they complete missions. Eventually, the armored getup may become unrecognizable.

Anthem launches for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on February 22, 2019. Since this was the first in a gameplay series, expect more informative videos on the road to release. We’ll have more of the latest.

Happy gaming.