‘Anthem’ First Mission Arrives in 15 Minutes of Footage

Three Classes and Total Carnage

More Anthem gameplay is here, which we should probably expect in the month before release. This time, it’s 15 minutes of uninterrupted gameplay where we get to see the Interceptor, Colossus, and Storm at work. Thus far, we’ve seen plenty of footage for the ranger class, but EA BioWare decided to put the other exo-suits on display.

We see a team of three players blasts their way through the first mission of the game, ‘Lost Arcanist.’ Apparently, the footage shows Alpha gameplay, which is a bit strange. The gameplay may be old, or, for some reason, BioWare hasn’t powered past Alpha in the month before launch. Fortunately, the video below manages to catch a clean look at the unique abilities of each class.

The 15 minutes of uninterrupted Anthem gameplay is here thanks to IGN First.

You may have noticed some UI tweaks and a fair bit of boss battling. Content from the footage above may be the same content we can expect from the demo due to arrive later this month. VIP members get first access, and everyone else can get their slice of gameplay at the start of February. If there’s one detriment in the footage, as noted in the comments section, the enemy AI seems too easy to beat down.

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