YouTube Show Boundary Break Shows Us the Capital Wasteland

Now we get to see what Fallout 3 has been hiding

For years, developers have been using tricks in their games to hide things like loading screens or create a perception of vast worlds with illusions. YouTuber Shesez has a show called Boundary Break that reveals to viewers what they are not meant to see in their favourite games. Recently, for his 101st episode, Shesez broke the boundaries of Fallout 3 because Vault 101. Using tools to move through objects and geometry, he looks beyond what the player sees while making their way through the Capital Wasteland.

Boundary Break

Starting at the beginning of the game, Shesez breaks from the forced perspective of the protagonist just after its birth. This reveals their mother’s character model, who is never actually shown. He also discovers details of moving objects such as the slideshow during the G.O.A.T. exam and the messages cycling around the vault. Where the player is about to leave the vault for the first time, the outside world can be seen peeking through the cracks in the entrance. Shesez shows that the effect is created by a layer of the wasteland’s sky placed just beyond the door.

Shesez visits famous landmarks and events in the Fallout 3 story such as Megaton (and the destruction of Megaton), the Jefferson Memorial, and the Enclave hideout. He goes on to explain how developers often use low texture landscapes in place of very distant locations to create the atmosphere players feel when looking off into the horizon of the wasteland.

What else can you expect from Shesez?

As mentioned above, the Fallout 3 episode is the 101st installment of his show. This means he has a whole lot of different games to exhibit for you. Many of the titles are Nintendo games, but also include PlayStation classics as well as more current games. Almost all the Legend of Zelda games have had their boundaries broken. This includes Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, Wind Waker, Skyward Sword, and Spirit Tracks. You can check out this show’s playlist here.

What did you think of the Fallout 3 episode? What are you favourite games Shesez has already done? Which ones would you like to see him do? Let us know in the comments. Also, let him know!

Source: Kotaku