Three More Classic NES Games Head to Nintendo Switch Online on Dec 12

Ninja Gaiden, Wario’s Woods, and The Adventures of Lolo Come to Switch Online

Nintendo seems content in rolling out new NES titles to their Nintendo Switch Online – Nintendo Entertainment System app for the Switch. Next week, on December 12th, three more classic games are heading to the service: Ninja Gaiden, Wario’s Woods, and Adventures of Lolo.

Nintendo Switch Online

Last month, Switch Online members were treated to Metroid, Mighty Bomb Jack, and TwinBee. All of these new additions can be played either in docked or in handheld mode.

Ninja Gaiden was released in Japan on December 9th 1988 (almost exactly 30 years ago!) with a North American release date on March 1989. It is the first game in the series and features Ryu Hayabusa, “rising ninja in his family’s clan who travels to America to seek vengeance for his father’s death.” The game features six “Acts” and 20 levels.

Wario’s Woods came out for the NES on December 10th, 1994 (the same day as the SNES version) and was the last licensed game for the console before it was discontinued in 1995. Wario’s Woods is a falling block puzzle game where you clear the playing field of monsters by using bombs and arranging them into rows of matching colours. The game has been re-released on Virtual Console for the Wii, Wii U, and 3DS.

The last game on the list, Adventures of Lolo, came out in April 1989 and was developed by HAL Laboratory. It is also a puzzle game and features a character named Lolo going on an adventure n to rescue Princess Lala, who has been kidnapped by the evil King Egger.

Playing NES games on Switch is just one of the perks Switch Online subscribers can get from the service. If you have yet to sign up, you can purchase a yearly membership for only $19.99 USD. There are also options to go monthly for $3,99 or buy three months for $7.99.

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