The Game Awards Trailer Teases The Last of Us: Part 2 and Death Stranding

The Game Awards 2018 Trailer Is Out

A recent trailer for The Game Awards 2018 shared on Twitter by Geoff Keigley teased both The Last of Us: Part 2 and Death Stranding. And with Sony not hosting PlayStation Experience in 2018, it’s likely that some new trailers and information regarding Sony exclusives will probably be let loose.

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In a recent interview, Keighly talked about howteam The Game Awards team is going to make this year bigger than the last.

“Last year it was a massive success,” he said. “We were very happy with the results. But it was also very daunting, because we grew so much last year. We more than doubled the audience. Doing that year after year is going to be very difficult. This year we focused on how we could expand in more places. We’re doing a lot in China this year. Stephen Ma from Tencent joined [as an adviser]. We’re going to be live on more than 15 platforms over there. More global distribution in China, Taiwan, Brazil. Generally we’re increasing our global distribution around the show.”

The Game Awards 2018 is set for December 6 at 5:30 PM PT/8:30 PM ET.