Jack Black Starting A ‘Games, Food and Life’ YouTube Channel

Color Me Torn

As a YouTube junkie and Jack Black fan, this should be awesome news. The musician/actor/comedian behind Tenacious D and the best possible Mary Poppins parody is starting a YouTube channel about “games, food and life,” with episodes airing every Friday. I can’t help feeling a bit torn, however.

Jack Black

On the one hand, Jack Black is a pretty funny dude with a wide and varied skill set. On the other hand, YouTube requires an incredibly specific skill set that people in the traditional entertainment industry can’t always reproduce. Which isn’t to say he won’t succeed! There’s just a roadblock or two to handle first.

On top of that, sometimes even YouTube-specific talent and actual fame are still meaningless when it comes to these things. The two most talented and famous voice actors in all of video games do a let’s play channel together, and you almost certainly haven’t seen it. Again, it’s not bad at all. They have decent chemistry, the right level of polish and a steady (if infrequent) upload schedule. Sometimes none of that matters. I guess what I’m saying is I’m rooting for you, Jack. Here’s hoping this channel of yours is an amusing one.