Epic Removes Infinity Blade Games From Apple’s App Store

Epic Says Goodbye to Infinity Blade

Epic Games has announced that they have removed the Infinity Blade series from the iOS App Store, as they can no longer support the games at a satisfactory level.

Infinity Blade

In a statement, Epic has said that as of December 10th, 2018 the Infinity Blade games are no longer available for purchase. Previous owners can continue to play and even redownload them to their iOS devices — so long as it’s from the same Apple ID account — “for the foreseeable future.” Additionally, all in-app purchases have also been disabled.

While the series has been largely dormant since Infinity Blade III dropped in 2013, the franchise is well-known among iOS gamers for pushing the graphics fidelity of smartphone games. Now as Epic shifts focus to Spyjinx, a new game being made in collaboration with ChAIR and J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions, it appears that there just isn’t room in their schedule for Infinity Blade anymore.

“The Infinity Blade series will always hold a special place for me personally and for Epic as a whole,” said Donald Mustard, Global Creative Director. “It’s always bittersweet to say goodbye, but we are excited for Spyjinx and what the future holds!”

In one last hurrah, Epic will continue to support Infinity Blade III for the next month with updated Clash Mobs and “other surprises.” They also encourage fans to check in regularly for special items. As a thank you to their community, the Infinity Blade Stickers app is also available for free.

The series isn’t being completely forgotten either. In a final tease, Epic has revealed that the series might pop up “in places you wouldn’t expect.” In the latest patch notes for Fortnite, it’s been confirmed that the game’s signature blade can be found in the game at Polar Peak. The blade is also shown in the Season 7 trailer seen below.

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