EA Ireland Director Fired Over Dick Remarks

Did This EA Director Go Too Far?

Philippe Grenet, who was director of global delivery service for Electronic Arts’ Irish office, has been fired for making penis remarks while talking to a female colleague. Grenet is accused of saying he was not “going to pull my dick out and put it on the table… to see who has the bigger dick.”

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The conversation was reportedly made in a video conversation between Grenet and the colleague in EA’s Austin, Texas office. After the woman filed the complaint, Grenet was dismissed. In High Court, Grenet and his defense counsel said that he used “I don’t want to compare the length of my dick” as a clumsy expression that was meant to mean he “did not want to challenge” the person that he was referring to.

Grenet and his defense counsel also claim that English is not his first language and his words were “twisted out of context.” In addition, they argue that there was no proper investigation into the complaint and no fair procedure prior to his dismissal.

Grenet also says that the colleague was previously not accepted for the job he held and claims that she is motivated by malice.

EA’s counsel said that Grenet admitted wrongdoing and the publisher is within their legal rights.