Dead Cells Wins Best Action Game at TGA 2018

Dead Cells Was One of the Best Games of 2018

Dead Cells, a roguelike action game, won Best Action Game at this year’s The Game Awards on Thursday. One of the developers who went on stage to receive the award described winning as “unexpected” and congratulated the rest of the developer team for their achievement.

dead cells

Our review of Dead Cells was pretty positive and gave the game a 91/100 score, praising it for the combat system, pretty graphics, and addictive gameplay loop.

“Therein lies the real beauty of Dead Cells. Every run feels special and memorable, which is something I can’t even say about Rogue Legacy (which is the best — don’t make me fight you),” our reviewer wrote. “Will you find a bunch of upgrade scrolls and have a huge health bar? Maybe. Will you be stuck with the shitty rusty sword the whole time? Also maybe. Planning isn’t a thing here. You just roll with the punches, and hope you find the right gear to handle the next area.”

“If tight, challenging combat, and infinite replayability in a charmingly depressing setting is your cup of tea, Dead Cells is the game for you,” the reviewer also wrote.

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