Red Dead Online Beta Multiplayer Modes Leaked

The Red Dead Online Beta Launches This Week

The multiplayer modes for the Red Dead Online beta have been recently leaked by a Twitter user named “illogical Mods” and one of the those modes is a battle royale mode titled “Make It Count”.

For gamers who’ve purchased the “Ultimate Edition” of Red Dead Redemption 2, the beta begins today. For others, the beta will begin on later dates.

Red Dead Online

Here are descriptions for every multiplayer mode in Red Dead Online:

  • Make It Count: A battle royale mode that involves players battling each other until there’s only one player standing. The mode can be played with bows & arrows or throwing knives in various in-game locations.
  • Most Wanted: Described as a “tactical race to the top”, this mode involves killing other players in order to go up a scoreboard. However, the higher you are on the scoreboard, the more points other players receive for killing you.
  • Hostile Territory: Two-to-four teams of players fight to capture & control territories in the game world and the team that gains the most points wins the match.
  • Name Your Weapon: This is a free-for-all & team-based (two-to-four teams) mode that has players duke it out by using the game’s arsenal of weapons. The weapons that are harder to use (such as the bow & arrow) award the most points.
  • Team Shootout: A standard team death match mode that can be played between two-to-four teams.
  • Open Race: Players will race through signal fires that can be crossed in any order they please.
  • Race: Players have to race each other in either a “point-to-point” route or in a lap race.

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