Dragon Quest Builders 2 Will Have Partial Cross-Platform Support on PS4 and Switch

Still No Western Release Date for Dragon Quest Builders 2

While we’re still waiting for an official North American release date for Dragon Quest Builders 2, recent findings have revealed that the game will feature cross-platform support for both PS4 and Switch.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

In a recent interview with Famitsu magazine (via Siliconera), series creator Yuji Horii confirmed the feature and explained a bit how it will work. Cross-platform support will come in the form of the game’s Bulletin Board system, which allows players to share screenshots and blueprint designs with the community. Instead of limiting shares to each console, the Bulletin Board system will update on both versions simultaneously.

“The Bulletin Board system uploads to the same Bulletin Board, regardless of PS4 or Switch,” said Horii. “You can also use islands made from both hardware too.”

The developers were also interviewed in the magazine, where it was revealed how Horii didn’t want to change the core design too much from the original game.

“When we couldn’t decide on how to make Dragon Quest Builders 2, it was Yuji Horii who told me ‘Players that liked the first game will purchase 2 so you can’t change its foundation, if it comes out as something else they’ll be let down,’ and that really cleared up my troubles. From that day onward, we went with a powered up version of the first game. Up until then, it was really rough.”

Dragon Quest Builders 2 will launch in Japan on December 18th for PS4 and Switch. The game is expected to hit the West sometime in 2019.

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