Miyamoto To Be Heavily Involved With Mario Movie

Let’s Not Repeat The 1993 Film

We’ve been hearing about a Mario movie from Illumination for some time now, though now we’ve got an expected release window. Studio founder Chris Meledandri claims the movie will be out by 2022. He also stated that Miyamoto will be working closely with the studio, in an effort to leave the mark of the 1993 film far, far behind.

Super Mario Bros. Movie 1993

According to Meledandri, “there‚Äôs a history in Hollywood of people believing that they know better than the people responsible for a property.” This is the sort of mistake Illumination doesn’t want to make with this film. Miyamoto will be ‘front and center’ for this movie.

This is an interesting set of circumstances for Illumination studios. The company is more known for their original properties. Films like Despicable Me managed to wedge themselves in the collective consciousness to an almost alarming degree. To that end, one would assume this studio can make a Mario movie that audiences won’t be able to forget without the use of power tools and heavy sedatives. In any case, we’ve got several more years before the mystery of this film is solved. Hopefully this one has fewer monstrosities and patchwork story-lines loosely inspired by the games.