Skatebird Looks Freakin Adorable, You Guys

Avian Tony Hawk Homage Coming Next Year

If you’re missing Tony Hawk and all that button-based skateboarding goodness of days gone by, perhaps this will do the trick. Skatebird, the delightful bird-based homage to Hawk and his games, is coming to PC sometime next year, probably. The release window is extra fuzzy at present.


The level of homage present is pretty obvious, which is fine. The game’s Steam page makes its roots clear, noting that you can “skate an expansively tiny world with simple controls even a Hawk named Tony would dig.” The trailer looks a bit rough around the edges at the moment, but that’s okay! This one has a fair while before it’s out in the wild, anyway.

Another notable quality at work here is positivity. This is just a bird and his skating bird friends trying to do their best. How inspirational! Considering my mediocre skills at Hawk-based skating games, I for one will need all the good vibes this game can spare. You can check out the announcement trailer below, which has all the ingredients I need for a proper skating game. It’s the board noises, mostly. Everything else is window dressing and licensed punk songs.