New U.S. Governor Is a Big Gamer

Maybe He Can Enact Some Pro-Gamer Legislation?

One of the legislators for the U.S. state Colorado won the race for governor of the state on Tuesday and it turns out that this new governor, Jared Polis, is quite the gamer!

“Gaming is good,” Polis said to the news outlet, Politico, earlier this year. “It involves critical thinking skills. It involves tactical skills and strategic skills. And I absolutely think it’s helped me navigate Washington tactically.”

Apparently, League of Legends is a favorite game of his and, according to Polis, his constituents like to play the game with him.

“Often, they want to play with [Polis]. League of Legends is the kind of game you play together, but alone: You may be at home in Colorado, but you’re fighting off other teams with players in Korea and Belgium and Japan,” Politico’s article read. “So, once he’s vetted them a bit—talked with them on Reddit for a while, or maybe even met them in person—Polis might give them his handle. (I made the faux pas of asking if it’s close to his name, but he told me that a handle like that would be considered tacky.) ‘I think people in my district get kind of excited,’ Polis, who’s 42, says. ‘‘I played against my congressman!’'”

While it’s nice that we have one of our own as the head of a U.S. state, one must start thinking about possible pro-gamer laws in Colorado. How about state-mandated day offs for every release day of a major AAA or indie game? Or a state law that guarantees pre-orders to be delivered on their scheduled days? The possibilities are endless!