Cyberpunk 2077 Building Levels Stack and House “a Lot of Activities”

Buildings Are Like Vertical Dungeons

We already know that Cyberpunk 2077 is going to big, thanks to previous statements from the developer. Furthermore, CD Projekt RED’s track record speaks for itself if we look at Witcher 3. That said, the game may still surprise fans with its verticality.

cyberpunk 2077

We still don’t know the size of Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City, just that it’s rather huge. But when one Reddit user asked about the size of their open world on Facebook, CDPR gave us a little bit more to go on. According to their official page, even the devs don’t know the city’s measurements, but the city size is massive because of the amount of space horizontally and vertically. While there’s plenty to explore on the surface level, buildings are stacked with rooms and can carry “a lot of activities” on each floor. We caught a glimpse of this in the 40-minute demo.

“Night City holds 6 districts, but I can’t give you an exact number in square meters, because no one counted this yet. Also, this is tricky for an urban environment — Night City has a lot of buildings and these buildings have floors. You can have 120 square meters of space technically taking up 60m2 of space. In a tall building, and we will have many of them explorable, each floor can house a lot of activities. Floors stack. The Witcher 3 was, in a way, much flatter — the activities were scattered. Here, the world can be huge, but it can be huge upwards, or downwards.”

So long as the statement rings true, then players can expect to enter buildings that feel like practical dungeons. Only it’s Cyberpunk.  Stay tuned for more news from CD Projekt RED in 2018 and beyond. We’ll have more of the latest.

SOURCE: GamingBolt