Fallout 76 Sees a Steep Discount Online and at Retail

Witness the Wasteland for a Lower Price

Friends, reviews are out, and the enthusiasm for Fallout 76 is deader than the Scorched. Despite this, you can find a player who’s nabbed real enjoyment out of the game, here and there. Sales are still below the competition, and that would explain the latest discount.

Fallout 76 Greenbrier

Less than two weeks after the launch of Fallout 76, Bethesda’s open-world multiplayer title has seen a steep discount. The discount’s appeared on the Microsoft Store, where players can purchase the game at 33% off. But wait, the discount has also been spotted at retail outlets like Walmart and Best-Buy, The price cut extends to both the standard and Tricentennial edition (PS4 and Xbox One), which are now $40.19 and $59.99 respectively. Hence, if you were on the fence about Fallout 76, or just thought you’d wait before giving the game a shot, now’s your opportunity to consider a purchase. Maybe, you already bought the game and are now angry. Unfortunate.

A price cut so early after release does suggest the game isn’t performing well in the market—perhaps not at all. Certainly, the sales in Britain indicate that game’s performing poorly for a Fallout game. We can also say that Bethesda simply decided to participate in Black Friday deals. Whatever the case, let us hope the dev team doesn’t forego the updates they’ve promised. Expect COGconnected’s review in due course.

Fallout 76 is available now for PC, PS4, Xbox One. Will you purchase the game, now that it’s been discounted? Let us know in the comments below.