WB Montreal Working on Another Open World DC Game

A DC Video Game Universe?

Recent levels of speculation have surged regarding developer Rocksteady’s new project. Speculation points to another open world game, which many fans believe/hope is a Superman title if not another title set in the DC Universe. If either is true, that means there are at least two upcoming games set in the DC Universe.

Batman Arkham VR Top Screen

Speaking with Humans of Gaming, Senior Game Designer Osama Dorias of WB Montreal revealed that he just wrapped up work on an open world DC game. According to him, it’s an open world console game for a major comic book property. It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the studio, but speculation could point to another Arkham Game in the works.

“I can’t really say much about the project I’m working on, except that they’re really, really cool,” Dorias said. “The project I just recently left—because there are multiple projects in the studio—the only thing I can say is that it’s a major console game, open world in the DC Universe.”

Alternatively, Resetera observed, the senior game designer is big Superman fan. He departed Ubisoft and joined WB Montreal alongside the studio’s game director, Geoff, Ellenor. Why is this relevant? According to Dorias, he joined WB because they offered him the chance to work on one of the DC franchises that he “loved.”

“I moved away from superhero comics and started reading more indie stuff, but that doesn’t mean I lost my love for them,” Dorias continued. “But the franchise that I was working on, that I contributed to, is definitely one of those DC franchises that I love. That was actually one of my reasons for joining Warner Bros.”

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Of course, the DC universe is filled with a multitude of big name heroes who would suit an open world playground. Therefore, we may see a property that stars neither the Dark Knight nor the big blue boy scout. But since Dorias confirmed WB Montreal’s work on multiple projects, it may be that we have three DC games in the works, including Rocksteady’s. What are your thoughts?

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SOURCE: Resetera