Silent Hill Lives on in Metal Gear Survive Halloween Event

Limited-Time Halloween Event Kickstarts Tomorrow in Metal Gear Survive

Players will be able to dress up as Pyramid Head in Metal Gear Survive‘s upcoming Halloween event, announced Konami.

Metal Gear Survive

The Single Play Event is called “The Researcher’s Story (Special Edition)” and officially kickstarts on October 23rd and finishes on November 6th. In addition to the outfit, there will also be various items that can be unlocked related to Silent Hill and Castlevania.

Participants will have to earn Battle Points (BP) during the event if they have any interest in donning the Pyramid Head costume. Points can also be redeemed for cassette tapes that feature music from Silent Hill (the original theme), Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (Divine Bloodlines and Begining), and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (The Tragic Prince). There will also be a bunch of reprints too including more cassette tapes and recipes.

Konami is being pretty sparse about the details but we do know that players must have cleared the main story campaign first in order to try their hand at the Halloween event.

Metal Gear Survive launched in February of this year to a rather mixed reception. Here’s a brief snippet of what our reviewer said in our launch review:

“If you’re a fan of games like Rust and DayZ, you may well find that you love the hell out of Metal Gear Survive. It has lots of meters and things to craft, and an interesting navigation system that challenges the player. It also has a crushing amount of repetition, the slimiest of microtransactions, and it whiffs on anything but tangential connection to the main Metal Gear franchise. This is not Metal Gear Solid 6. If you can accept that fact with an open mind, you may actually like what you find.”