DMC5 Bundle Costs Over $8,000

Who’s Got That Kind of Money Just Laying Around?

A bundle of the “Ultra Limited Edition” of Devil May Cry 5 is currently going for (with tax included) 972,000 yen (which is about $8,600). This bundle of DMC5 includes the game itself along with interchangeable box art and a replica of the Dante jacket that his motion capture actor wore while working on the upcoming action title.


There are also other less expensive jacket bundles for sale such as the Nero jacket bundle ($7,716) and the jacket bundle for V ($5,741).

The reservation period for these bundles started today on Monday and will end on November 19th at 10 AM (presumably Japan time). According to Kotaku, this bundle hasn’t been officially announced for those who reside outside of Japan.

Now, for a list of things that you could (and probably should) spend thousands of dollars on instead of on a cool jacket that comes bundled with a game and some box art:

  • Your bills
  • Car payments
  • Student loans
  • A personal project that works towards solving world hunger

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Devil May Cry 5 launches on March 8, 2019 for the PC, PS4 & Xbox One.