Dreamcast Games Might Become a Reality on the Nintendo Switch

SEGA is Close to Bringing Dreamcast Games to Switch

SEGA is apparently really close to bringing Dreamcast games to the Nintendo Switch. If indeed they are successful, then we may one day be playing Dreamcast classics like the original Soul Calibur on Nintendo’s hybrid machine, most likely released through the system’s eShop store.

Sega Dreamcast

When speaking to the popular Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, M2’s CEO Naoki Horii — who specializes in emulation development — mentioned that they were close to making Dreamcast games playable on the Switch. This isn’t a complete surprise since SEGA already announced that they were planning to bring popular SEGA games to the Switch through their Sega Ages retro initiative. While Horii did say they’re close finalizing the plans, they’re still trying to figure out whether to emulate or use the original source code.

Depending on whether you are going to emulate or pick up the source code and make it remake, the transplant work will be different,” Horii told Famitsu (translation courtesy of Gameinformer). I think that Sega chooses for each title there, but since emulation can also increase the number of other games that can be emulated.”

If SEGA can make this work, Dreamcast games would most likely be released on the eShop similar to how Neo Geo games are being released.

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