Dynasty Warriors 9 Gets Two-Player Co-op Update

You’ll Never Have to Play Dynasty Warriors 9 Alone Ever Again!

An update that adds two-player co-op along with online & offline multiplayer to Dynasty Warriors 9 launched on Tuesday in North America for the PC & PS4. It will launch on Xbox One “shortly after”, according to an official press release.

The update also includes “a variety of gameplay upgrades, including a bounty of new bows, eye-popping wallpaper featuring some of the franchise’s most popular characters, and classic background music from past Dynasty Warriors games.”

The press release also announced that a free trial for Dynasty Warriors 9 will become available on November 1st for PC players and on November 7th for PS4 & Xbox One players.

There will also be a new season pass coming on October 30th for PS4 & PC users which will add more weapons, items, scenarios, and costumes. For Xbox One users, the season pass will become available sometime after the 30th.

If you’re interested in buying Dynasty Warriors 9 then you should read our review of it beforehand.

“The fact of the matter is that Dynasty Warriors 9 works as an experiment,” our reviewer wrote. “This is Omega Force’s first attempt at an open-world title, and though not every aspect is great, it is a package that over-delivers where it counts and that, at its core, retains and improves upon the original hack and slash experience.”

Source: Press release