It’s Official: Sony Says There Will Be No Playstation Experience This Year

This Year’s Playstation Experience Will Not Be Happening¬†

Since it’s first appearance in 2014, Sony has put their games on full display and made some massive announcements with their very own PlayStation Experience. Unfortunately it has just officially been announced that this huge event will not be happening this year.

Sony E3 2017 No2 1280

In a PlayStation Blogcast episode released earlier today the chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios Shawn Layden confirmed the suspicions that have been swirling around all month: there will be no PlayStation Experience this year.¬†“For 2018, I know this is going to be a disappointment to some people, but we decided to not hold PlayStation Experience this year. We won’t have it in the States this year. The reasons behind that really are we don’t have…we have a lot of progress that we’re making on our games…now that we have Spider-Man out the door, we’re looking down into 2019 games like Dreams and Days Gone.”¬†

Layden continued stating that Sony doesn’t feel they have enough to host the event for a fifth year in a row, and as such have opted against having a PSX 2018 event. “But we wouldn’t have enough to bring people all together in some location North America to have that event. We don’t want to set expectations really high and then not deliver on that. It was a hard decision, but we have determined that this year we will not hold PlayStation Experience.”

days gone

With that said, Shawn Layden did mention that fans can expect more announcements to happen via the PlayStation Blog and social media. “Part of our commitment is that going forward we’re going to amp that up, we’re going to crank [those] communications [up]…and find more ways to get our message out and get a view into what our activities are and what our hopes and dreams are, if you will, for PlayStation and for Worldwide Studios.”

It will be interesting to see if Sony will make any big reveals at the 2018 Game Awards instead or whether they are simply saving their huge announcements for E3 2019. Only time will tell. Are you disappointed to hear there will not be a PlayStation Experience this year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!