Jump Force Adds Yugi From Yu-Gi-Oh! Into Its Magnificent Roster

It’s Time to Duel

Jump Force is turning into one of the purest anime mash-ups in history, expanding its roster with characters from all corners of the manga geekdom. In their latest update, they teased none other than the King of Games, Yugi Moto.

Jump Force

Thus far, Bandai Namco has incorporated a variety of characters from distinct intellectual properties into their game. During Gamescom 2018, the developer/publisher treated fans to new additions from BleachOne PieceDragon BallZ, and Hunter X Hunter. Yugi is just the latest addition to a colorful roster, but his inclusion begs the question: how will his move set work? I hope he summons actual monsters, and that his ultimate ability comes in the form of Exodia. Most importantly, he must come with a dialogue saying, “You just activated my trap card!”

Now that they’re dabbing their hands into the sacred card game, who’s next?. We won’t get any Gundams in the game, will we? Maybe, it’s only a matter of time before we get some Toonami characters. If they’re including characters inspired by Konami’s cash cow trading card game, then we may eventually see the likes of Digimon or something similar. Bandai Namco has an immense gallery from which to pull.

Jump Force currently has a 2019 release window, and I suspect there will be many more characters revealed in the months leading up to launch. Check back for game updates as they arrive.