New Catherine Full Body Trailer Highlights Horror of Infidelity

Cheaters, Chainsaws and Giant Monster Babies

Catherine: Full Body has a new trailer out, if you were somehow still on the fence about this new version of the game. The whole thing has a sort of documentary feel, assuming all documentaries focus on unfaithful dudes getting chased through hallways by armed and angry women. There’s even a tiny bit of gameplay!

Catherine: Full Body

Said trailer also features a bit of footage of the brand new Catherine interspersed with some existing cut scenes from the original version of the game. There’s precious little gameplay shown off, but I guess that holds less sway than glamorous shots of beautiful women acting slightly to severely unhinged. Giant undead children apparently also test well.

That’s not fair. Really, the situation is more complicated than that. If not for Vincent and his terrible decisions, none of this would be happening. Catherine: Full Body is set for release on Valentine’s day 2019 in Japan. The North American version is coming out sometime in 2019, hopefully shortly after February 14th. You can check out the substantial trailer embedded below. Sadly, there’s no subtitles for the weird little interview pieces at the beginning. Who knows what nuggets of worldly wisdom are being dispensed?