Destiny Developer Bungie Files Trademark for New Project: ‘Matter’

It’s a Matter of Speculation

We all know —or knew—Bungie as the legendary video game designer who spawned Halo. These days, they’ve got their hands tied up in Destiny 2, so to hear news of something else in the works is mildly staggering. The company recently filed a trademark for a new property called Matter.


Discovered on Resetera, Bungie’s filed their application to the  European Union Intellectual Property Office two days ago, on September 28th, against categories 9 and 41. Categories 9 and 41 represent “computer game software” and “online entertainment services,” which seemingly confirm our suspicion that the developer is working on a new game. With what little info we have available, we can only speculate.

Back in June, Bungie received $100 million in funds from Chinese company NetEase, who owns a stake in many Blizzard properties overseas. Matter may be a side project under the company’s umbrella of gaming properties, but only time will tell. The developer’s other publishing partner is Activision, who only has a vested interest in Destiny 2 (and future installments). Hence, unless Bungie received the manpower for an original property, NetEase is the likely inspiration for their next endeavor.

What are your thoughts on this new trademark filing? Could it be another multiplayer game? Comment your speculation down below.

SOURCE: Eurogamer