New ‘The Crew 2’ Update Will Add Hovercrafts & New Events

This Upcoming Update Is the ‘First Step’ in The Crew 2’s Post-Launch Roadmap

A new update for The Crew 2 (called “Gator Rush”) is scheduled to come out on September 26th for the PC, PS4 & Xbox One, according to a Ubisoft press release. The update will add three new hovercraft vehicles, redesigns to parts of the game’s U.S. map (such as the Bayou area) that add “steep slopes and banked curves”, new events, and new skills.

the crew 2 feature

The new events include a Live Xtrem Series race and a free drive event and Gator Rush will also bring a new difficulty mode: Ace mode.

“Players successful in Ace mode will earn Legendary loot, parts that award better performances, exclusive affix bonuses and new combinations to customize each ride’s performance according to their handling preference,” explained Ubisoft.

Also, those who’ve purchased The Crew 2’s season pass will have early access for seven days to two new vehicles on September 26th, per the press release.

If you’re interested in buying The Crew 2 then give our review of it a read beforehand. “There’s no denying that at its core this game is good, however, the problem lies in the fact that it’s just so damn unpolished,” our reviewer wrote. “It seems the developers tried to pack too much into the game, and while it feels strongest as an arcade racer, Ivory Tower could have trimmed the fat and made the game so much better.”

SOURCE: Press release