Cyberpunk 2077 Writer Confirms Dynamic Weather Conditions

Behold Night City in Rain or Shine

Cyberpunk 2077’s concept is out there for the world to see, but we’re still learning more about gameplay as we go. Today, we learned that IP inspired by the pen and paper RPG will have a dynamic weather system.

In an interview with Italian website Multiplayer, CD Projekt RED writer Stanislaw Swiecicki revealed that Cyberpunk 2077 will have dynamic weather conditions. The E3 2018 trailer made gamers question if there would be a day-night cycle, and devs later confirmed there would be. Combined with a range of weather conditions, the atmosphere of Night City could turn out miraculously immersive. Stanislaw said the following:

“We wanted to make you feel like an integral part of the city right from the first moment, and as in all the cities, day and night, we wanted to show players how we were able to recreate a dark and dystopian future, even in daylight. Of course, there will be variable weather conditions.”

We’ve seen dynamic weather conditions in Witcher 3, the RPG built on an earlier version of the same game engine. Judging by the reactions out of E3 2018, the latest graphics are something to behold. But we won’t know for certain until CD Projekt RED goes public with Cyberpunk 2077, after which we can finally confirm the rumored photorealism of the game.

Are you looking forward to seeing Cyberpunk 2077’s dynamic environment? That’s a rhetorical question. Comment your thoughts down below.

SOURCE: SpielTimes