Call of Cthulhu Gamescom Trailer Shows More Than a Walking Simulator

Investigate the Madness Then Succumb to It

Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide Studio are back with their adaptation of Chaosium’s pen and paper RPG. Inspired by the titular Lovecraftian horror story, Call of Cthulhu’s new Gamescom footage unravels a little more of the world.

Call of Cthulhu Date

The new trailer’s accompanied by commentary that contextualizes this part of the game. As expected, the town of Darkwater comes with its share of mystery-laden nooks and crannies, so what better way to get started than with a very old house? When investigator Edward pierce arrives, the player must, well, investigate. From there, the gameplay showcases the elements of player choice and interactions. Call of Cthulhu’s mechanics include skills whose level will dictate the depths of knowledge you can unravel from certain clues. And, like in previous trailers, the Gamescom footage grants us a glimpse of first-person bouts of madness. Coupled with the murky atmosphere and level design, the psychoactive sequences are something to behold.

Call of Cthulhu is slated for a Halloween release and will be available PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. As you may judge from the trailer, the gameplay provides more than a walking simulator. This story-driven adventure pits the player’s investigative skills against lurking madness, which is enhanced by alluring visuals on Unreal Engine 4. Let us know your thoughts on this new footage in the comments below.