Overwatch’s D.Va Is in a Voltron Mech Squad, & Blizzard Glossed Over It

There’s a Lot About D.Va (And Every Overwatch Character) That We Still Don’t Know

We are two years deep into the lifespan of Overwatch, which means its finally time to tell a new story. Blizzard just dropped another animated short, which feeds us a slice of the life of D.Va. If you’ve played the hero shooter at all, you’ll realize that the cinematic is a faithful portrayal. It is also, tonally, all over the place.

While I’m not here to explicate every detail about the new short, it’s worth mentioning that D.Va’s personality is established but not explained. She’s is still very much the Dorrito-eating, Mountain Dew-chugging gamer saint many fans have hoped for. However, the trailer introduces new facts about her life that don’t get fleshed out, and it’s bizarre. That said, it’s still a very enjoyable trailer, and you can catch it below if you’ve yet to see it.

Apparently, D.Va is part of a celebrity mech squad and is a workaholic with PTSD. The clandestine past that could explain her symptoms is glossed over, as are the exploits with the rest of her squad. And yes, for the first time ever, Blizzard actually mentioned the fact that D.Va is part of a group of heroic mech pilots. She’s the leader and the others fell out of commission after a battle that was also glossed over. Basically, the short gave us breadcrumbs of information that left every fan on the internet asking more questions. Of course, with the questions there came a lot of fangirling and fanboying. Speculation regarding her next Overwatch skin has already blown up.

What are your thoughts on the D.Va animated short? Comment your thoughts, speculation, and questions down below. We’re probably just as confused as you.