Congressman Caught Spending $1,500 of Campaign Money on Steam

Looks Like He’s a Big PC Player

One California Congressman has been smacked with charges for campaign finance violations. Out of a whopping $250,000 of misused campaign finance money, the charges include $1,500 spent on Steam.

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The Congressman is Duncan Hunter, who, along with wife Margaret Hunter, has been charged with wire fraud and a series of other violations. According to Ars Technica, the Federal Election Commission began questioning Hunter back in 2016 when they discovered that campaign funds were used for Steam purchases. At the time, Hunter’s Spokesman delegated the blame to Hunter’s son who used the wrong credit card. Several other transactions were made afterward, transactions the Congressman allegedly wanted to be reversed. These were no accidental charges, however.

An investigation revealed that Steam purchases were made over the course of two months,¬†between October 13 and December 16. A total of 68 purchases amounted to $1,500 in public money spent. What is more, purchases were made after Hunter claimed he’d closed access to the website. A receipt of $1,300 eventually returned a higher sum of misused finances.

Prosecutors have officially charged Hunter and his wife for the misappropriation of campaign finances mentioned above. Disambiguation may be necessary since the Congressman’s wife updated her story, claiming that the purchases were personal but used on the wrong card. This opposes hunter’s claim that the charges were unauthorized. And yet, according to Federal Election Commission documents from 2015, Mrs. Hunter told the bank that the Steam purchases were “Fraudulent.” Even if they eventually nail down their story, the Steam purchases account for a small fraction of the misused finances.

This comes less than a week after a librarian spent $89,000 of public money on Game of War. Is Steam that tempting to federal employees? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.