Official Street Fighter Gold Bars For Sale

Celebrate The 30th Anniversary With 100g of Gold

Sure, you could go out and buy the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection. Maybe play a bunch of classic SF games. But is that really enough? Why not spend a little extra and get one of these solid gold bars instead?

Street Fighter Gold Bars

Emblazoned with the Shadaloo logo and the anniversary seal, these incredibly ostentatious keepsakes are available for a mere 8600 USD. There’s also a smaller version that you can buy for only 1650 USD. You can even wear the smaller version around your neck like an accessory! Nothing says ‘tastefully high class’ like solid gold jewellery, right?

I find myself confused as to who these solid gold bars are for, audience-wise. Maybe if you make a considerable amount of money playing Street Fighter games in tournaments this would be perfect for you. Or perhaps you’re an actual member of Shadaloo! You know, the evil organization from the older games. M. Bison would absolutely love these bars, is what I’m saying. You can order either size of solid gold Street Fighter 30th Anniversary ingot off this website now.