Anime Mash-Up Brawler, Jump Force, Gets Overpowered Combat Trailer

Here Are Killer Colors and Effects From Anime-Packed Footage

Here’s Shounen Jump like you’ve never seen before, an all-in-one battle with a plethora of color schemes and characters. A new trailer for Jump Force dropped recently, one of few assets since the E3 reveal, and it comes with some new anime characters engaged in visceral combat. Some of them (some favorites, maybe?) come from Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, and Death Note. Unfortunately, Akira’s role may be limited to the campaign.

You can find the flashy and action-packed trailer for Jump Force down below, which confirms some of the characters teased before today.

Notably, the characters in the new trailer come from anime that many consider being “over the top” in terms of action. Not to imply a negative connotation. The torrential magnificence of intense anime combat seems to be a cornerstone of this game’s mechanics and visual spectacle. There’s a lot of colors, high-octane fighting, and special effects involved in the bouts between characters. Not to mention that the graphics look stellar compared to the typical anime-inspired IP. Bandai Namco may have something very special here, which is why we’ll keep you updated as more characters get added to the roster.