Sea of Thieves Receiving Three Unannounced Content Updates This Year

Sea of Thieves Is Full Speed Ahead on New Content

It looks like Rare really meant it when they said they were planning to “grow and evolve” Sea of Thieves post-launch. After recently adding the Hungering Deep, a limited time Gunpowder Skeleton event and the announcement of two new updates coming later this year, the developer has revealed that they have plans for three more big updates in the works.

In a recent discussion with IGN, Sea of Thieves design director Mike Chapman and head of Rare Craig Duncan explained that the unannounced updates will come after the content revealed at E3 has been implemented in-game.

“We’ve actually organized the teams in a leapfrog fashion.” Duncan said. “So now that the Hungering Deep team are finished they’re working on the next thing…Our goal is to try and give each team more runway but keep the cadence quick. We’re actually bringing on a fourth team as well, so we’ve got more people working on Sea of Thieves now than when we shipped. I think the takeaway we want everyone to know is if you’ve got into to Sea of Thieves – we are fully committed to Sea of Thieves in the future.”

Gunpowder Skeletons

It remains to be seen if the long-game will pay off for Rare, as the game’s player base saw quite a drop shortly after the game’s release.

Sea of Thieves is currently available for Xbox One. It’s also part of Xbox’s recent decision to add exclusives to Game Pass at launch.

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