Like a True RPG, Cyberpunk 2077 Won’t Have Instakill Headshots

Stats Must Be High for the Bullet to Go Through the Brain

Back when developer CD Projekt revealed that Cyberpunk 2077 would be in first-person, many fans expressed reservations: will it be an RPG or a first-person shooter? The Warsaw-based developer has since confirmed that it’s an RPG with meaningful choices, consequences, and narrative. And, to drive the point home, you can’t automatically kill NPCs with headshots.

In an interview with PCgamesN, cinematic animation acting lead Maciej Pietras said Cyberpunk 2077 combat will be stats-driven. Skills and abilities will play the critical role in dispatching enemies, and the demage—headshot or not—wil be contingent on your character’s build:

“The shooting mechanics are RPG-driven,” Pietras said. “Since this is stats-driven, since this is an RPG, you are not killing enemies with just one shot. You can always see the stats, and how much damage [you’ve dealt]. It’s all about the system. Because if you invest points into the long range weapons, you want to see that when you’re shooting a guy. If the guy has heavy armour, you want to see how the damage calculates.”

Thus, when you’re aiming down your weapon’s sights—assuming you can do that—don’t be disheartened with all those headshots seem cushioned. Cyberpunk 2077’s first-person perspective might throw off your traditional RPG players, but tabletop creator Mike Pondsmith has affirmed that it’s the best way to experience Night City in all its glory. The demo shown at E3 2018 was said to be pre-alpha, yet that hasn’t stopped outlets from praising its visuals. You can read as much from our preview: “Cyberpunk 2077 Blew E3’s Skirt Up.”

Back in November of last year, one CDPR designer asked the community about headshots in an RPG-based game. In hindsight, the rumors of his asking on behalf of Cyberpunk 2077 seem a little more legitimate.

Expect more Cyberpunk 2077 updates throughout the year.

SOURCE: GamingBolt