We Might Already Have Forza Horizon 4 Car List


After pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition of Forza Horizon 4, one player was accidentally treated to an extensive list of cars that will be featured in the full game. The list is quite long, with a separate Reddit user corroborating their claims through their own investigations. Apparently certain pre-ordered copies of the game have accidentally allowed access to the full game download ahead of its final release.

It looks like this list may not reflect the game’s final roster once Horizon 4 is released. Apparently this has happened before, with multiple changes being made to the roster between announcement and arrival. Even if the list is inaccurate, we’re still seeing 450 vehicles, which is pretty huge.

At present, there are certain manufacturers who don’t appear on the list that should. The game is advertised with 100 different manufacturers, while the present list features only 87. Also it looks like Toyota is still a Forza no-show due to continuing licencing disagreements. All of this info was gathered by one enthusiastic Reddit user who extrapolated the data from the original file. Again, there’s no guarantee this will be the final list, but it bodes well as a taste of what’s to come when Horizon 4 is released this October.