For Honor: Marching Fire Update Officially Announced

For Honor Is Going To Get Some New Content!

The creative director of For Honor, a multiplayer game about warriors from different eras fighting each other, unveiled a new content update for the game titled, “For Honor: Marching Fire”.

The update will add four new fighters from ancient China and will also have some singleplayer content. It also adds a new multiplayer mode called “Breach”. It was described as a castle siege mode that involves two teams which are both comprised of four players. The update is also going to bring visual enhancements.

The PC version of the base game is also currently for free on Uplay until next Monday so if you want to give it a shot then now’s your chance. You can also read our review of the game if you’re looking for more info on it.

for honor

“Microtransactions aside, For Honor is a special game. Ubisoft took a huge risk on an intellectual property that offered no guarantees on its financial return; that alone is worthy of applause,” our reviewer concluded. “But get this, they actually pull it off. They somehow made a medieval fighting game that is intense, smart, rewarding, and demands something of its player. It asks for your patience, yet the glory you’ll receive in return is well worth the trade.”

For Honor: Marching Fire launches on October 16th.