Preventing God of War Leaks Took Real Toll On Director

Preventing Leaks “Nearly Killed” Barlog

With all of the leaks springing left and right just before E3, it’s kind of incredible that there were no God of War leaks before the game’s release. It turns out that this was due to an insane amount of work on the part of director Cory Barlog and the rest of his team.

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According to Barlog, keeping leaks and spoilers under wraps “nearly killed” him. Keeping all those secrets under wraps involved coordination with a huge team of people, along with ensuring that any leaks were capped as quickly as possible. Barlog has apparently “never experienced that much stress” before, which is kind of amazing. I guess not even making a string of incredible, first-party single player games can compare to a widespread information control campaign in terms of stress.

You can find the rest of Barlog’s thoughts on this pressing matter here. It feels more and more important to have a handle on information control in this industry. So long as you’re not handing critical data off to retailers or event organizers, you might have a shot at keeping your game a secret. But as soon as either of those parties are in the mix, all bets are apparently off. If nothing else, I’m pretty sure Wal-Mart isn’t gonna get quite as much pre-order privilege in 2019.