Far Cry 5: Hour of Darkness DLC Takes You to Vietnam Today

The First in a Series of Far Cry 5 DLC Arrives

Following the carnage of Hope County, Ubisoft is inviting players to wreak havoc in other places that are out of this world, literally. Mars, zombies, and the Vietnam War are all apart of Far Cry 5’s Season Pass. The latter of this three is available now.

With Far Cry 5’s new Hour of Darkness DLC, players can experience the Vietnam War as Wendell Redler. Redler, who is in the base game, must attempt to save his captured squad from the North Vietnamese. The tropical environment will offer a stark contrast to the ridge evergreen of the main campaign, for those looking to diversify their gameplay experience. Alongside a new region, players gain access to new weapons, gear, and abilities. Find it all in the $29.99 Season Pass. Alternatively, you can pick up the DLC solo for $11.99.

Afterward, when the Vietnam campaign is done, players can participate in the new Survivor and Action Movie modes. Survivor Mode offers a tougher gameplay experience by limiting the player’s loadout, while Action Movie Mode brings a full loadout for a gun-toting frenzy. Hour of Darkness allows single-player and co-op playthroughs and comes with new Vietnam assets for the Far Cry 5 Arcade.

You can find Far Cry 5 and its DLC for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. For an in-depth look at the base game, you can check out our review.